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Green Day/AFI @Verizon Amphitheatre 08/31/10

Okay, so it happened again, f*cking LA traffic made me late to a show. This was supposed to have been a special day. I had bought these tickets months ago for my friend Omar’s birthday. He loves A.F.I. (A Fire Inside) and thought I had given him the best gift ever. BUT, we missed A.F.I.

Green Day went on about 8:00 p.m. and they were non-stop for about 3 hrs!!! They played just about everything you can imagine, not only from their catalog of songs but songs from other artist.

I was really surprised to see a bleach blonde lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. What I really enjoyed from Green Day was how they pulled audience members onstage to sing, mostly young kids that totally took control of the stage. At times they even had the crowd singing along with them. Armstrong even handed his guitar to a kid he kept calling “curly” after the kid sang a song. Armstong did most of the clowning around; he fired off Green Day T-shirts and squirted the crowd with a giant water canon.

Here is a copy of the setlist for that night. Insane!!!

• Song Of The Century
• 21st Century Breakdown
• Know Your Enemy
• East Jesus Nowhere
• Holiday
• Murder City
• Give Me Novacaine
• Letterbomb
• Are We the Waiting
• St. Jimmy
• Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
• Cigarettes And Valentines
• Burnout
• Scattered/Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol cover)
• F.O.D
• Geek Stink Breath
• Paper Lanterns
• 2000 Light Years Away
• Hitchin’ A Ride
• When I Come Around
• J.A.R.
• Iron Man/Rock And Roll/Sweet Child O’ Mine/Baba O’ Riley/Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout
Love/Round & Round/Highway to Hell
• Brain Stew
• Jaded
• Longview
• Basket Case
• She
• King For A Day
• Shout/California Girls/Free Falling/Satisfaction/Break On Through/Hey Jude
• 21 Guns
• Minority

• Encore:
• American Idiot
• Jesus of Suburbia

• Encore 2:
• Last Night on Earth
• Wake Me Up When September Ends
• Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

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Here to Stay!

Korn @ Jimmy Kimmel July 1, 2010

So I got to see Korn at Jimmy Kimmel. We actually got to go in the “green room”. This was a first. It’s nice to have contacts. (Thanks to Lisa and J.Z.) I honestly thought I was going to walk into a bright green room with a few chairs to sit on. Well, I was surprised it was not like that at all. The walls weren’t that bright green that I imagined. They had a bar full of beer and wine and a table of food. The room had plenty of comfortable seating and two large TVs mounted on the wall. Connected to that room was a game room with a pool table and video games. We got to see a couple of members from Korn (Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu – Bass and Ray Luzier – Drums) in that room. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t take pictures but nonetheless very excited to be there.

Right before Korn went on stage my friend and I went outside to the designated area for the people that have green room access wrist bands and waited in anticipation for the band. The band did their first single from their upcoming album, Oildale followed by another new song, Let the Guilt Go. Their fans, including myself really enjoyed the new songs. Korn couldn’t leave their fans without playing just two songs so we got to hear, Freak on a Leash, Coming Undone and Twisted Transistor. I think I might have left a couple of songs out, sorry, blame it on the beer and wine!!!

I can’t wait to see Korn at the Mayhem Festival on July 10, 2010.  They absolutely ROCKED, they are definitely HERE TO STAY!!!


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The 2k10 Edition

So you’ve probably been wondering if we’re still around, or still alive even. Well since Qmungous survived last night’s brush with death, I figured I’d give some kind of an update.

2k9 gave us some amazing shows, especially near the end. So amazing that I think I may have burned myself out. A sign of old age? Yes I am turning 30 this year… But since that car did NOT kill me, the old age thing will no longer be an excuse. It’s time to kick some ass. Coming soon: Killswitch Engage, Devildriver, Bon MF Jovi. It doesn’t get anymore metal than that.

As for the end of 2k9, here’s a quick rundown (since we failed to keep updating).

Lacuna Coil @ HOB Sunset – One of the loudest audiences I’ve ever heard. The new album kicks ass.

Cruefest 2 @ San Manuel – QMUNGOUS ON FIRE. Nuff said.

Journey @ San Manuel – Another solid performance from the greatest thing to come from Manila since Sarsi.

Depeche Mode @ The Pond – Took the wife for her bday, even though it fell on my bday… But DM can never do you WRONG.

Project Pitchfork @ The Knitting Factory – Disappointing set for Psyclon Nine. Nero’s mic went out in the 3rd song. But I caught a stick from Jon Siren! Pitchfork came out and showed why they are so damn legendary. Second best dance party of the year.

Static-X @ HOB Anaslime – Metal returns to Anaheim and it almost seemed like a homecoming for Static-X, since some of their most memorable shows have been at this venue. Glad to see Disney came to their senses. The new album sounds MUCH better live.

Def Leppard @ San Manuel – Poison opened and it was Nothing But a Good Time. Def Leppard were not to be outdone and they rocked the sellout crowd.

AC/DC @ The Pond – LOUDEST SHOW EVER! Thanks to my son for the tix! Every part of that show just felt legendary. As we were walking to the arena, we knew it was going to be a most metal night.

Trivium @ The Glass House – These guys are the real deal. Since Static-X may be taking a break, Trivium may be my new “go to” band.

Children of Bodom @ The Glass House – Awesome venue for the finnish metal band. Do yourself a favor and ALWAYS come out to see Bodom.

Combichrist @ The Wiltern – So technically they opened for Tiger Army, but I walked out after Combichrist performed. Probably the 1st time I ever did that. Wes Borland joined the band for this set and it’s what I always wanted Combichrist to sound like. I hope they have him play again, or maybe even join the band for an album.

Slipknot @ The Palladium – Halloween week started off with a bang! I’m surprised the Palladium was still standing after this show.

Skinny Puppy @ The Glass House – Summer was good to the Glass House. I highly recommend checking out the openers of that night, Sonic Death Rabbit. They are something to behold. Skinny Puppy is another band that everyone must experience. In fact, I’m gonna put on Worlock right now…

Rob Zombie @ The Palladium – Halloween night! I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than with Rob MF Zombie. Seems like it’s taking forever for the new album to come out, but the songs he played were moshworthy.

KISS @ Staples – The last show of the year! Ended 2k9 with a fuckin bang. The hottest band in the world proved that they still have an army.

Whew, great summer that flowed right into Rocktober. Keep checking back, cause lives.


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Reviews coming soon!!!

The Prodigy is our next show.  May 27th at the Palladium!

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