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Making (Guest) Monsters

Combichrist @ The Galaxy Theater 5/19/2011

With a night off between opening for Rammstein, Combichrist gave the fans a special treat headlining The Galaxy in Santa Ana. And they weren’t alone. Brandan Schieppati from Bleeding Through came out to sing his part in Follow the Trail of Blood. Gen from Genitorturers made her cameo for Kickstart the Fight. For the encore, Sin Quirin of one of the opening bands (The Great Americon) finished off the show.

Speaking of Genitorturers, Combichrist introduced their new guitar player Abbey Nex who has been in Genitorturers and most recently Psyclon Nine. He fits in the band well and I hope they start recording future albums with guitar on them (live drums too for that matter). I just hope they don’t follow the path of Psyclon Nine and try to go full metal. With Andy you’ll never know.

At this point I think I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen Combichrist. The live show just keeps getting better. Because of this, I make every effort to see them play whenever they come to town, even if they’re opening for Tiger Army…


1. Shut Up and Swallow
2. Just Like Me
3. Follow the Trail of Blood
4. Tonight I Woke to the Rain of Blood
5. Electrohead
6. Throat Full of Glass
7. Get Your Body Beat
8. Blut Royale
9. Deathbed
10. Scarred
11. Fuckmachine
12. I Want Your Blood
13. Slave to Machine
14. Fuck That Shit
15. Never Surrender
16. Kickstart the Fight
17. What the Fuck is Wrong With You?

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Fuck The Songs

Peter Murphy @ The Mayan Theater 3/14/2011

After opening his set with three new tracks, Murphy’s proclamation was just as the title says.

“Fuck the songs,” he said.

Then he started chatting with the people in the front row as if he knew them forever. Joking of course, they jumped into Disappearing and continued rocking the show. They did a good mix of Bauhaus and solo material, including Strange Kind of Love with Bela Lugosi’s Dead lyrics sung at the end. Peter also sang Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt, which he dedicated to Danny Lohner who was in the audience. Also sang as a dedication was the final song of the night All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, which was requested by a newly married couple.

While the guitars sounded amazing with just a perfect crunch tone, the rest of the audio didn’t get the same treatment. It was a little distracting seeing the bass player keep arguing with the sound guy to get turned up, or turned down, or to keep the levels where they were. Peter will always sound amazing though, regardless of the acoustics at the venue. He has the most distinct and powerful voice of the genre, and definitely one of the greatest of all music.


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Three In Three: Part 3 (Return of the Goths)

The Birthday Massacre @ House of Blues Anaheim 11/14/2010

First of all, if you came here looking to read about the antics of the Black Veiled Brides, you came to the wrong place. I don’t have time for those losers. Second, sorry for another long delay in writing. It sucks when you don’t have internet at home…

The tour is in support of the newly released album Pins & Needles, an album that has taken it’s time to grow on me. Initially it didn’t grab me right away as Walking With Strangers did but hearing these songs live for the second time helped. The Birthday Massacre opened with the first track from the new album, In The Dark. Even though it’s new, the fans were already singing along as if they’ve known the lyrics forever. Chibi and the boys did a total of six new tracks, including my favorite from the album Midnight. Overall it was a good mix of old and new without missing a lot of favorites. One song I wish they would drop from the set though is To Die For. Not cause it’s a bad song, but because of the lyrical content hitting too close to home.

I’m happy to say that I finally got to meet The Bloody Lumberjack (TBL?) after seeing him at so many concerts, mostly in the moshpit. Actually, it’s always been in the moshpit now that I think about it. Also it was nice meeting The Spooky Vegan and Mr. 1996. You guys are all metal.

The Birthday Massacre has never disappointed me in the several times I’ve seen them and this night was no exception.


More pics in the new Photo Gallery!

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Three In Three: Part 2

Combichrist @ The Music Box 11/7/2010

Disclaimer: This review may piss you out.

Or you might say congrats on an excellent adventure. Bakal arrived on the scene shortly before Aesthetic Perfection took the stage. The three man group led by Daniel Graves was all about energy as usual. Their set consisted mostly of tracks from A Violent Emotion, which is such a good album they could play the whole thing in it’s entirety for their set and I wouldn’t mind. We also got a taste of the new single The Devil’s In The Details.

Dust ‘n Bones, Dust ‘n Bones… When you hear those words, it’s a sign of awesomeness about to ensue. Combichrist came out to an instrumental to get the crowd hyped up. We were also treated to a huge surprise with Wes Borland joining them on guitar, which made it essentially the same lineup as when they opened for Tiger Army at the Wiltern. Word on the street says he will be playing with the band when they open for Rammstein at MSG! If only I could get to NY…

Andy appeared and they ripped into a powerful new track Just Like Me. Up next was another new track, Follow the Trail of Blood, in which Brandon from Bleeding Through joined in as he does on the album. And it was only fitting that after following a trail of blood we woke to a rain of blood. As usual the Electroheads were pumped to hear the old songs. Most of the new album was played, but it was still a good mix of old and new.

The double encore started with Scarred, the only track played from Today We Are All Demons. The band went backstage after finishing Fuck That Shit, but we knew it wasn’t over and the crowd began chanting “THIS SHIT! THIS SHIT! THIS SHIT WILL FUCK YOU UP!” Sure enough Combichrist came back with the crowd favorite This Shit Will Fcuk You Up. The show ended with another “fuck” song, the title track from What The Fuck Is Wrong With You.

But before the show ended I managed to score a stick from Trevor! I noticed all night he would do this move where first he throws a stick into the crowd, then jumps up on his drums and bangs away on the cymbal with the other stick. So one of those times he threw the stick right into the pit. I saw it fly right in the middle of everyone and I ran in there to pick it up off the floor. That’s the third stick for my collection!

But wait, there’s more! When the lights came on, we saw Bill MF Moseley hanging out on the side of the floor! Vince gave him the horns and he gave back the thumbs. Fucking awesome.

And even after all that, the awesomeness continued…

Um, unless your name is Robert…


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Faith, Power, Glory… and other words with 5 letters

VNV Nation @ The Glasshouse 4/12/2010

Sometimes you’ll go to a show and just wish it would never end. Last night was one of those shows. This was probably my 5th time seeing VNV (losing count). Zyner thinks they’ve replaced Static-X as my “band I will always see when they come to town.” Yeah just about. Static-X is on hiatus anyway…

The band opened with Tomorrow Never Comes, off the new album Of Faith, Power, and Glory, a hard, fast track to get the crowd pumped early. Speaking of the crowd, despite the size of The Glasshouse, this was one of the best audiences I’ve been a part of to see not only VNV, but any band. We were singing along with every track and not one person wasn’t dancing. As Ronan said on stage, the audience is half of the show. He was amazed at how many people came out, especially on a Monday night in the Inland Empire.

Then they went into a couple old tracks like Joy, Darkangel, and Further before going into another new track Sentinal (yes it’s spelled that way on the cd). The place really got moving when they played Chrome and of course Illusion meant lighters out. I can’t remember the order of the rest of the tracks, but I do know they did three encores! The first featured Ronan on the keyboard playing the touching track From My Hands while one of the other keyboard players had his camera aimed at the crowd. The second they did classic tracks Standing and Legion, which Ronan said if you didn’t know these songs then you REALLY needed to catch up. Finally they ended the night with the uber industrial anthem Beloved and the soccer anthem Perpetual.

If you haven’t seen VNV Nation, they really are a must see band. Their interaction with the audience is unlike any other bands I’ve seen. If you’ve ever went to a show where the singer just talks and talks and you wish he would just play the next damn song *cough* Rob Zombie, then VNV is the exact opposite.  They really make you feel like you are a part of the show.


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The 2k10 Edition

So you’ve probably been wondering if we’re still around, or still alive even. Well since Qmungous survived last night’s brush with death, I figured I’d give some kind of an update.

2k9 gave us some amazing shows, especially near the end. So amazing that I think I may have burned myself out. A sign of old age? Yes I am turning 30 this year… But since that car did NOT kill me, the old age thing will no longer be an excuse. It’s time to kick some ass. Coming soon: Killswitch Engage, Devildriver, Bon MF Jovi. It doesn’t get anymore metal than that.

As for the end of 2k9, here’s a quick rundown (since we failed to keep updating).

Lacuna Coil @ HOB Sunset – One of the loudest audiences I’ve ever heard. The new album kicks ass.

Cruefest 2 @ San Manuel – QMUNGOUS ON FIRE. Nuff said.

Journey @ San Manuel – Another solid performance from the greatest thing to come from Manila since Sarsi.

Depeche Mode @ The Pond – Took the wife for her bday, even though it fell on my bday… But DM can never do you WRONG.

Project Pitchfork @ The Knitting Factory – Disappointing set for Psyclon Nine. Nero’s mic went out in the 3rd song. But I caught a stick from Jon Siren! Pitchfork came out and showed why they are so damn legendary. Second best dance party of the year.

Static-X @ HOB Anaslime – Metal returns to Anaheim and it almost seemed like a homecoming for Static-X, since some of their most memorable shows have been at this venue. Glad to see Disney came to their senses. The new album sounds MUCH better live.

Def Leppard @ San Manuel – Poison opened and it was Nothing But a Good Time. Def Leppard were not to be outdone and they rocked the sellout crowd.

AC/DC @ The Pond – LOUDEST SHOW EVER! Thanks to my son for the tix! Every part of that show just felt legendary. As we were walking to the arena, we knew it was going to be a most metal night.

Trivium @ The Glass House – These guys are the real deal. Since Static-X may be taking a break, Trivium may be my new “go to” band.

Children of Bodom @ The Glass House – Awesome venue for the finnish metal band. Do yourself a favor and ALWAYS come out to see Bodom.

Combichrist @ The Wiltern – So technically they opened for Tiger Army, but I walked out after Combichrist performed. Probably the 1st time I ever did that. Wes Borland joined the band for this set and it’s what I always wanted Combichrist to sound like. I hope they have him play again, or maybe even join the band for an album.

Slipknot @ The Palladium – Halloween week started off with a bang! I’m surprised the Palladium was still standing after this show.

Skinny Puppy @ The Glass House – Summer was good to the Glass House. I highly recommend checking out the openers of that night, Sonic Death Rabbit. They are something to behold. Skinny Puppy is another band that everyone must experience. In fact, I’m gonna put on Worlock right now…

Rob Zombie @ The Palladium – Halloween night! I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than with Rob MF Zombie. Seems like it’s taking forever for the new album to come out, but the songs he played were moshworthy.

KISS @ Staples – The last show of the year! Ended 2k9 with a fuckin bang. The hottest band in the world proved that they still have an army.

Whew, great summer that flowed right into Rocktober. Keep checking back, cause lives.


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A Small Victory, But No Vengeance…

Noisuf-X @ Das Bunker 7/10/09

No this isn’t the VNV review, it was the night I went back to a goth club after a long hiatus. The Fangster wanted to check it out and I wanted to see Noisuf-X play. Win-win situation. This night of course was their debut in the US. Based on the crowd reaction, I would say that it’s safe to assume that they will be back. The two piece group (keyboard and electronic drums) had the whole club moving from front to back. Not one person was just standing around. Along with the club hits Hit Me Hard and Krach Bumm, they also played some new tracks which were just simply dansetastic. Can’t wait to see them come back to LA. The Fangster and I had a blast.


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Got My Body Beat

Combichrist @ The Glass House 6/16/09

I thought Peter Murphy said goth was extinct? Well it seemed to be the exact opposite that night at The Glass House, a venue where one should not throw stones. But as Demetri Martin once said, “How about no throwing stones regardless of housing situation?” Anyways, ramble on…

Marzinay and I missed Dismantled, the first band on the bill. (PS – thanks for taking the pics!) We got in just in time to see Aesthetic Perfection. The whole band showed great energy and definitely warmed us up for what was going to come. The crowd showed their respect by starting the mosh pit before the set ended. They said they would be performing in LA again in November. I will be there.

Marzinay and Qmungous dsc00978

Up next was Julien-K, which started as a side project by Amir and Ryan from Orgy. To me they sounded like a mix between KMFDM and Apoptygma Berzerk, which isn’t a bad thing. For sure they did not sound like Orgy 2.0. Like Aesthetic Perfection, they kept the energy going and certainly did not kill the mood. They seem to already have a pretty big following as most of the crowd already knew their lyrics.

dsc00991 dsc00988

dsc00986 dsc00984

Finally the main event was about to begin. No Dust and Bones this time, although some of us in the crowd were already singing it. Those who have seen the last two Combichrist tours know what I’m talking about…

Andy and the crew came out at full force opening with All Pain Is Gone. Up next was Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood which kept us jumping to the beat. At this point I decided it was time to make my way into the pit. I forced my way from the right side of the floor to the middle just in time for the start of I Want Your Blood. The pit was pretty much nonstop for the whole night, as was the awesomeness of the band. Joe Letz is becoming one of my favorite drummers and Trevor makes them a lot more fun to watch than from when Kourtney Klein was on percussion.

One of the things I was thinking about at the last couple of shows is I’ve seemed to be focusing on what songs the band didn’t play instead of what they did play. But that wasn’t the case this time with Combichrist as they rolled out all the favorites. Maybe because it’s their 2nd tour this year and they have a better feel for what the crowd wants.

The rest of the set (not in this order) went like this: This Is My Rifle, Electrohead, Get Out of My Head, Fuck That Shit, Get Your Body Beat, Blut Royale (dedicated to the other bands on the tour), Sent to Destroy, Shut Up and Swallow, Deathbed. Then the encore consisted of This Shit Will Fcuk You Up and What the Fuck is Wrong With You.

So after my 5th time seeing Combichrist, they once again hath fucketh this shiteth upeth!


Andy dsc01001

Andy After the show

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Peter Murphy @ HOB Sunset 6/10/09

Yes according to Peter Murphy, the Father of Goth, goth is extinct. Perhaps this is why the 2009 tour has been dubbed the “Secret Covers Tour.” Peter Murphy follows the trend of distinct voices recording an album of covers, which is soon to be released.

Murphy started the show by rocking the house with some new tunes, then went into an old favorite Fall With Your Knife which had the whole crowd singing along. In fact, that probably is my favorite PM song of all time. Up next was the first of the “secret covers”. You may have heard this track played in a new commercial by Chase Bank. It’s PM’s cover of Instant Karma, which I’m embarassed to say was a duet with a singer that I don’t know the name of. Also played was PM’s rendition of NIN’s Hurt. No doubt that touring with NIN influenced this track. Other tracks I remember were Deep Ocean Vast Sea, Dragnet Drag, and an old Bauhaus favorite Passion of Lovers.

Halfway during the set, PM told the crowd why it is that he hardly interviews… “You expect my voice to be low and deep like this… but I actually have a really high voice. It’s rather embarassing. This is why I don’t do interviews.”

The double encore began with PM lying on the floor singing Bowie’s Space Oddity. Then Strange Kind of Love to which he began singing the lyrics to Bela Lugosi’s Dead as the song was ending. The music of Strange Kind of Love have an amazing flow to the lyrics of Bela Lugosi’s Dead. The band ended the night by rocking out to She’s In Parties and ending with the Joy Division’s Transmission.

I was hoping for the night to never end, especially since he hadn’t played many old favorites such as Cuts You Up, All Night Long, Gliding Like a Whale, Keep Me From Harm, etc etc… I didn’t think you could see Peter Murphy without hearing All Night Long, but Transmission definitely made up for that.


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