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Buckcherry @ Jimmy Kimmel 8/12/10

So my friends and I got VIP treatment at the Kimmel show again. We were let into the area where Buckcherry was going to do their two songs for the show before everyone else.  Because we were the first ones to see the band get on the small stage, it was really easy to ask them to autograph their latest cd, All Night Long. Thanks to my friend Omar for asking Stevie D. (rhythm guitar) to sign it.  A special thanks to Stevie D. for passing my cd to the rest of the band. You rock!!! I would also like to thank Keith Nelson (lead guitar) for giving me a guitar pick.

The band only did two songs because it was an indoor filming but they were amazing.   The first song they did was All night Long and then Crazy Bitch. The mini concert, if you want to call it that, was live and loud.   I just love the energy these guys put out!!!

Check out the video and you just might get a glimpse of us in front of Josh Todd.


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