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Green Day/AFI @Verizon Amphitheatre 08/31/10

Okay, so it happened again, f*cking LA traffic made me late to a show. This was supposed to have been a special day. I had bought these tickets months ago for my friend Omar’s birthday. He loves A.F.I. (A Fire Inside) and thought I had given him the best gift ever. BUT, we missed A.F.I.

Green Day went on about 8:00 p.m. and they were non-stop for about 3 hrs!!! They played just about everything you can imagine, not only from their catalog of songs but songs from other artist.

I was really surprised to see a bleach blonde lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. What I really enjoyed from Green Day was how they pulled audience members onstage to sing, mostly young kids that totally took control of the stage. At times they even had the crowd singing along with them. Armstrong even handed his guitar to a kid he kept calling “curly” after the kid sang a song. Armstong did most of the clowning around; he fired off Green Day T-shirts and squirted the crowd with a giant water canon.

Here is a copy of the setlist for that night. Insane!!!

• Song Of The Century
• 21st Century Breakdown
• Know Your Enemy
• East Jesus Nowhere
• Holiday
• Murder City
• Give Me Novacaine
• Letterbomb
• Are We the Waiting
• St. Jimmy
• Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
• Cigarettes And Valentines
• Burnout
• Scattered/Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol cover)
• F.O.D
• Geek Stink Breath
• Paper Lanterns
• 2000 Light Years Away
• Hitchin’ A Ride
• When I Come Around
• J.A.R.
• Iron Man/Rock And Roll/Sweet Child O’ Mine/Baba O’ Riley/Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout
Love/Round & Round/Highway to Hell
• Brain Stew
• Jaded
• Longview
• Basket Case
• She
• King For A Day
• Shout/California Girls/Free Falling/Satisfaction/Break On Through/Hey Jude
• 21 Guns
• Minority

• Encore:
• American Idiot
• Jesus of Suburbia

• Encore 2:
• Last Night on Earth
• Wake Me Up When September Ends
• Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

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