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Solo Static

Wayne Static @ The Key Club 10/10/11

For the millionth time seeing Wayne, I got to spend the night with birthday girl Jaelythe and Edweirdo. But this show was different than all the others. It was the first tour of Wayne Static as a solo artist. He has said he wanted to make an album with no compromise and Pighammer is the result.

Now the drummers and guitarists have come and gone, but the other piece of the Static-X puzzle that had remained constant was Tony Campos on bass. I feel that he has always been as much of a part of the band as Wayne has and not seeing him on the stage that night was a little heartbreaking. Still, the vibe of a Static-X show remained. The band is different but the crowd is not. We all came back to support Wayne.

The set consisted mostly of classic Static-X tracks with something played from every studio release . Only Assassins of Youth and Static Killer were played from the new Pighammer album. The Only made it’s way back to the setlist after not being played for a few tours. Between songs Wayne still called for shots brought out by his fully clothed wife, Tera Wray. She was also out dancing with her girlfriends during songs.

This tour and album are Wayne Static’s way of declaring himself King of Evil Disco. If you were ever a fan of Static-X, do yourself a favor and check out the Pighammer album.



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