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Iron Maiden @ The Glen Helen 6/19/10

Maybe they’re tired of playing old stuff. Maybe they didn’t sell enough copies of Brave New World. Or maybe Maiden just does whatever the fuck they want. Well great for them but suck for us, as they didn’t play classicks such as The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Two Minutes to Midnight, etc etc.

Maiden opened the show with Wicker Man and Ghost of the Navigator. Then they went into Wraithchild which made us think we were gonna hear a lot more of the old songs. Instead they did a string of tracks from the last two albums as well as some material from the upcoming album Final Frontier.  Blood Brothers was dedicated to the legend Ronnie James Dio, who Bruce Dickenson claims to be three inches taller than.  That would make him 5’4?

To end the main set they did the awesome singalong Fear of the Dark and Iron Maiden.  As they left the stage the crowd began to chant MAIDEN MAIDEN!! The lights went dim and the narrative opening to Number of the Beast began. Finally we felt like we were at the Maiden show that we expected.  Then they went into another epic with Hallowed Be Thy Name and ended with Running Free. Again the crowd chanted MAIDEN MAIDEN!! The lights stayed dim and we had hope for a second encore. The chant got louder but alas the house lights came on and it was over.


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