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Faith No F’ing More @ The Palladium 11/30/2010

Posting with permission from Jerseydevil, here is his review of FNM! Thanks JD!

At the risk of ‘waxing poetic’ I cannot tell you how tremendous this show was last night. $20 tix available for tonight…if you can…GO! The band has never sounded better and bringing Trey Spruance instead of BSU Jim Martin was the right idea. Most of the set is later material that I don’t think Martin could have pulled off. They played enough of the ‘hits’ to please anyone but went pretty ‘off the page’ as far as their other choices. And maybe it’s because Patton has rarely performed live over the years but his VOICE…jayzus. To go from catterwauling to truly singing…amazing. Highlights…they opened to Peaches and Herbs Reunited…done straight, not for laughs and it was awesome. A snippet of poker face…and for me, one of the greatest FNM songs ever Just a Man…got emotional there folks…that song just has always hit me. Anyway, cannot recommend it highly enough, and I can only pray that this band decides to at least make another album. In the meanwhile I am going to be listening to a lot of FNM over the next few days.

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