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Fuck The Songs

Peter Murphy @ The Mayan Theater 3/14/2011

After opening his set with three new tracks, Murphy’s proclamation was just as the title says.

“Fuck the songs,” he said.

Then he started chatting with the people in the front row as if he knew them forever. Joking of course, they jumped into Disappearing and continued rocking the show. They did a good mix of Bauhaus and solo material, including Strange Kind of Love with Bela Lugosi’s Dead lyrics sung at the end. Peter also sang Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt, which he dedicated to Danny Lohner who was in the audience. Also sang as a dedication was the final song of the night All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, which was requested by a newly married couple.

While the guitars sounded amazing with just a perfect crunch tone, the rest of the audio didn’t get the same treatment. It was a little distracting seeing the bass player keep arguing with the sound guy to get turned up, or turned down, or to keep the levels where they were. Peter will always sound amazing though, regardless of the acoustics at the venue. He has the most distinct and powerful voice of the genre, and definitely one of the greatest of all music.


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