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Peter Murphy @ HOB Sunset 6/10/09

Yes according to Peter Murphy, the Father of Goth, goth is extinct. Perhaps this is why the 2009 tour has been dubbed the “Secret Covers Tour.” Peter Murphy follows the trend of distinct voices recording an album of covers, which is soon to be released.

Murphy started the show by rocking the house with some new tunes, then went into an old favorite Fall With Your Knife which had the whole crowd singing along. In fact, that probably is my favorite PM song of all time. Up next was the first of the “secret covers”. You may have heard this track played in a new commercial by Chase Bank. It’s PM’s cover of Instant Karma, which I’m embarassed to say was a duet with a singer that I don’t know the name of. Also played was PM’s rendition of NIN’s Hurt. No doubt that touring with NIN influenced this track. Other tracks I remember were Deep Ocean Vast Sea, Dragnet Drag, and an old Bauhaus favorite Passion of Lovers.

Halfway during the set, PM told the crowd why it is that he hardly interviews… “You expect my voice to be low and deep like this… but I actually have a really high voice. It’s rather embarassing. This is why I don’t do interviews.”

The double encore began with PM lying on the floor singing Bowie’s Space Oddity. Then Strange Kind of Love to which he began singing the lyrics to Bela Lugosi’s Dead as the song was ending. The music of Strange Kind of Love have an amazing flow to the lyrics of Bela Lugosi’s Dead. The band ended the night by rocking out to She’s In Parties and ending with the Joy Division’s Transmission.

I was hoping for the night to never end, especially since he hadn’t played many old favorites such as Cuts You Up, All Night Long, Gliding Like a Whale, Keep Me From Harm, etc etc… I didn’t think you could see Peter Murphy without hearing All Night Long, but Transmission definitely made up for that.


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