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Three In Three: Part 3 (Return of the Goths)

The Birthday Massacre @ House of Blues Anaheim 11/14/2010

First of all, if you came here looking to read about the antics of the Black Veiled Brides, you came to the wrong place. I don’t have time for those losers. Second, sorry for another long delay in writing. It sucks when you don’t have internet at home…

The tour is in support of the newly released album Pins & Needles, an album that has taken it’s time to grow on me. Initially it didn’t grab me right away as Walking With Strangers did but hearing these songs live for the second time helped. The Birthday Massacre opened with the first track from the new album, In The Dark. Even though it’s new, the fans were already singing along as if they’ve known the lyrics forever. Chibi and the boys did a total of six new tracks, including my favorite from the album Midnight. Overall it was a good mix of old and new without missing a lot of favorites. One song I wish they would drop from the set though is To Die For. Not cause it’s a bad song, but because of the lyrical content hitting too close to home.

I’m happy to say that I finally got to meet The Bloody Lumberjack (TBL?) after seeing him at so many concerts, mostly in the moshpit. Actually, it’s always been in the moshpit now that I think about it. Also it was nice meeting The Spooky Vegan and Mr. 1996. You guys are all metal.

The Birthday Massacre has never disappointed me in the several times I’ve seen them and this night was no exception.


More pics in the new Photo Gallery!

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Three In Three: Part 2

Combichrist @ The Music Box 11/7/2010

Disclaimer: This review may piss you out.

Or you might say congrats on an excellent adventure. Bakal arrived on the scene shortly before Aesthetic Perfection took the stage. The three man group led by Daniel Graves was all about energy as usual. Their set consisted mostly of tracks from A Violent Emotion, which is such a good album they could play the whole thing in it’s entirety for their set and I wouldn’t mind. We also got a taste of the new single The Devil’s In The Details.

Dust ‘n Bones, Dust ‘n Bones… When you hear those words, it’s a sign of awesomeness about to ensue. Combichrist came out to an instrumental to get the crowd hyped up. We were also treated to a huge surprise with Wes Borland joining them on guitar, which made it essentially the same lineup as when they opened for Tiger Army at the Wiltern. Word on the street says he will be playing with the band when they open for Rammstein at MSG! If only I could get to NY…

Andy appeared and they ripped into a powerful new track Just Like Me. Up next was another new track, Follow the Trail of Blood, in which Brandon from Bleeding Through joined in as he does on the album. And it was only fitting that after following a trail of blood we woke to a rain of blood. As usual the Electroheads were pumped to hear the old songs. Most of the new album was played, but it was still a good mix of old and new.

The double encore started with Scarred, the only track played from Today We Are All Demons. The band went backstage after finishing Fuck That Shit, but we knew it wasn’t over and the crowd began chanting “THIS SHIT! THIS SHIT! THIS SHIT WILL FUCK YOU UP!” Sure enough Combichrist came back with the crowd favorite This Shit Will Fcuk You Up. The show ended with another “fuck” song, the title track from What The Fuck Is Wrong With You.

But before the show ended I managed to score a stick from Trevor! I noticed all night he would do this move where first he throws a stick into the crowd, then jumps up on his drums and bangs away on the cymbal with the other stick. So one of those times he threw the stick right into the pit. I saw it fly right in the middle of everyone and I ran in there to pick it up off the floor. That’s the third stick for my collection!

But wait, there’s more! When the lights came on, we saw Bill MF Moseley hanging out on the side of the floor! Vince gave him the horns and he gave back the thumbs. Fucking awesome.

And even after all that, the awesomeness continued…

Um, unless your name is Robert…


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Three In Three: Part 1

Stone Temple Pilots @ Nokia Theater 10/29/2010

As the title suggests, this is the first of a three part series of three shows in three weeks (PS – three is a magic number). Yes in my old age I’ve gone from three shows in three nights to three in three weeks. But still pretty good these days. And speaking of still good, holy shit STP! I’ll admit it was my first time seeing the 90s legends but to be fair I was never taken to a show as a teen and I didn’t have a job either. That said, I can’t believe Weiland has survived this long but I’m glad he did. It’s also rare for a band this old to still have an original lineup. Hearing the DeLeo brothers play together is just magic. Their style together is what all rock should sound like. Complimentary, not just the guitar and bass mimicking each other.

The set was a perfect mix of old and new. Not too many new songs and a whole lot of classics. We arrived at the show during Still Remains. By the time we made it to our seats they were on the slide-guitar classic Big Empty, which had the whole audience singing along. In fact, there weren’t many songs the crowd didn’t sing along with. This was one show where everyone was into it. Not your typical LA show, and it hurts me to say that, because I love this town but I’ve seen a lot of shit crowds in my day.

Highlight of the night was probably their Led Zeppelin cover of Dancing Days. I always thought their rendition paid proper tribute while still making it their own. Kind of like when they played Plush and everybody in the crowd sang in their own special way. Weiland could’ve let the audience sing the whole song and it still would’ve rocked. Still he put on one hell of a performance in his presumed sober state. Let’s hope he stays this way not only for his health but for the sake of music.

Special thanks to Princess Jen who pulled me from my deathbed for this show!


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Punk Band Rocks California

Green Day/AFI @Verizon Amphitheatre 08/31/10

Okay, so it happened again, f*cking LA traffic made me late to a show. This was supposed to have been a special day. I had bought these tickets months ago for my friend Omar’s birthday. He loves A.F.I. (A Fire Inside) and thought I had given him the best gift ever. BUT, we missed A.F.I.

Green Day went on about 8:00 p.m. and they were non-stop for about 3 hrs!!! They played just about everything you can imagine, not only from their catalog of songs but songs from other artist.

I was really surprised to see a bleach blonde lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. What I really enjoyed from Green Day was how they pulled audience members onstage to sing, mostly young kids that totally took control of the stage. At times they even had the crowd singing along with them. Armstrong even handed his guitar to a kid he kept calling “curly” after the kid sang a song. Armstong did most of the clowning around; he fired off Green Day T-shirts and squirted the crowd with a giant water canon.

Here is a copy of the setlist for that night. Insane!!!

• Song Of The Century
• 21st Century Breakdown
• Know Your Enemy
• East Jesus Nowhere
• Holiday
• Murder City
• Give Me Novacaine
• Letterbomb
• Are We the Waiting
• St. Jimmy
• Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
• Cigarettes And Valentines
• Burnout
• Scattered/Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol cover)
• F.O.D
• Geek Stink Breath
• Paper Lanterns
• 2000 Light Years Away
• Hitchin’ A Ride
• When I Come Around
• J.A.R.
• Iron Man/Rock And Roll/Sweet Child O’ Mine/Baba O’ Riley/Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout
Love/Round & Round/Highway to Hell
• Brain Stew
• Jaded
• Longview
• Basket Case
• She
• King For A Day
• Shout/California Girls/Free Falling/Satisfaction/Break On Through/Hey Jude
• 21 Guns
• Minority

• Encore:
• American Idiot
• Jesus of Suburbia

• Encore 2:
• Last Night on Earth
• Wake Me Up When September Ends
• Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

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Buckcherry @ Jimmy Kimmel 8/12/10

So my friends and I got VIP treatment at the Kimmel show again. We were let into the area where Buckcherry was going to do their two songs for the show before everyone else.  Because we were the first ones to see the band get on the small stage, it was really easy to ask them to autograph their latest cd, All Night Long. Thanks to my friend Omar for asking Stevie D. (rhythm guitar) to sign it.  A special thanks to Stevie D. for passing my cd to the rest of the band. You rock!!! I would also like to thank Keith Nelson (lead guitar) for giving me a guitar pick.

The band only did two songs because it was an indoor filming but they were amazing.   The first song they did was All night Long and then Crazy Bitch. The mini concert, if you want to call it that, was live and loud.   I just love the energy these guys put out!!!

Check out the video and you just might get a glimpse of us in front of Josh Todd.


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Here to Stay!

Korn @ Jimmy Kimmel July 1, 2010

So I got to see Korn at Jimmy Kimmel. We actually got to go in the “green room”. This was a first. It’s nice to have contacts. (Thanks to Lisa and J.Z.) I honestly thought I was going to walk into a bright green room with a few chairs to sit on. Well, I was surprised it was not like that at all. The walls weren’t that bright green that I imagined. They had a bar full of beer and wine and a table of food. The room had plenty of comfortable seating and two large TVs mounted on the wall. Connected to that room was a game room with a pool table and video games. We got to see a couple of members from Korn (Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu – Bass and Ray Luzier – Drums) in that room. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t take pictures but nonetheless very excited to be there.

Right before Korn went on stage my friend and I went outside to the designated area for the people that have green room access wrist bands and waited in anticipation for the band. The band did their first single from their upcoming album, Oildale followed by another new song, Let the Guilt Go. Their fans, including myself really enjoyed the new songs. Korn couldn’t leave their fans without playing just two songs so we got to hear, Freak on a Leash, Coming Undone and Twisted Transistor. I think I might have left a couple of songs out, sorry, blame it on the beer and wine!!!

I can’t wait to see Korn at the Mayhem Festival on July 10, 2010.  They absolutely ROCKED, they are definitely HERE TO STAY!!!


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The New Heavy Metal Health Advocate

Ozzy @ Jimmy Kimmel 6/15/10

I have to say that it’s great to go see a band at The Jimmy Kimmel Live show.  For one, it’s free; second, it’s a small crowd; and third, you not only hear the two songs they do for the show but they play a few more after that.

We not only got to see Ozzy perform, but he was also interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel about his new health column.  If you have a chance, check out the interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Youtube channel.  I promise it is worth it!!!  Ozzy performed several songs that night.  His setlist was  Let Me Hear You Scream, Shot in the Dark, Crazy Train, I Don’t Know and Suicide Solution.  Great songs if you ask me!!!  After seeing Ozzy and the pit they started during Crazy Train I’m convinced that I want to go to Ozzfest.

*Hey Q, maybe next time you will join me at a Jimmy Kimmel Live show!!!


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Iron Blue Balls

Iron Maiden @ The Glen Helen 6/19/10

Maybe they’re tired of playing old stuff. Maybe they didn’t sell enough copies of Brave New World. Or maybe Maiden just does whatever the fuck they want. Well great for them but suck for us, as they didn’t play classicks such as The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Two Minutes to Midnight, etc etc.

Maiden opened the show with Wicker Man and Ghost of the Navigator. Then they went into Wraithchild which made us think we were gonna hear a lot more of the old songs. Instead they did a string of tracks from the last two albums as well as some material from the upcoming album Final Frontier.  Blood Brothers was dedicated to the legend Ronnie James Dio, who Bruce Dickenson claims to be three inches taller than.  That would make him 5’4?

To end the main set they did the awesome singalong Fear of the Dark and Iron Maiden.  As they left the stage the crowd began to chant MAIDEN MAIDEN!! The lights went dim and the narrative opening to Number of the Beast began. Finally we felt like we were at the Maiden show that we expected.  Then they went into another epic with Hallowed Be Thy Name and ended with Running Free. Again the crowd chanted MAIDEN MAIDEN!! The lights stayed dim and we had hope for a second encore. The chant got louder but alas the house lights came on and it was over.


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Yung Pag Sasamang-Sama Ulit Tour

Mga kaibingan, nan ditto ulit yung Bakal Sandok. Kaya lang, Bakal na lang ang tawag sa amin.  Matagal na kami naka estandby (sobrang matagal na) pero nan ditto ulit kami at sisipain namin ang puet ninyo.  Kolongin ninyo yung mnga asawa at anak ninyo. E tago ninyo yung prawncakes.  Hindi kami titigil!

PS – Walang lumalagay si baby sa sulok!



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Called it

So when Zyner told me that Nikki had a HUGE announcement to make, there were only two things I could think of…

1 – CRUEFEST 3 (wrong)

2 – Crue on Ozzfest


Ozzfest 2k10 @ The San Manuel (Glenn Helen for us old folks) August 14th!

Main Stage

  • Ozzy
  • Crue
  • Halford
  • Devildriver
  • Nonpoint

Second Stage

  • Black Label Society
  • Drowning Pool
  • Kingdom of Sorrow
  • Goatwhore
  • Skeletonwitch
  • Saviours
  • Kataklysm



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