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STP Coming Back?…

Stone Temple Pilots
The Joint (Hard Rock Casino), Las Vegas, July 2, 2009

I was so excited when my friend and I got to Vegas and found out that STP was going to be playing that night at The Joint. We immediately called Ticketmaster and were able to get floor tickets.

I hadn’t been to The Joint in several years and since then it has been remodeled. The original Joint was a bit more intimate. The new place is larger but not huge where you can not see the band.

Hurt opened up for STP and just in case you were wondering, yes, they were good. They opened their show with “Wars”. They had the whole place singing along, some more passionately than others.

STP went on stage and opened with “Silvergun Superman”. Most of the songs were from the first two albums making that a crowd pleaser. So you better believe that Scott Weiland used his famous bullhorn for several songs!

Weiland sounded great. My friend thought he looked like The Pet Shop Boys. He was wearing a white long sleeve shirt, black vest and tie with tuxedo pants (short above his ankles), white socks and loafers. I personally thought it might be a tribute to Michael Jackson. I thought he looked a little sluggish and stiff, I guess I got used to seeing him do his crazy shimmies and dance moves.

Weiland never said much to the crowd besides the occasional song title. It would have been great to hear if a new album was in the works. It’s been a few years since “Shangi-La Dee Da.”


*Well, I don’t remember the set list in order but these are just some of the songs they played.

Silvergun Superman
Wicked Garden
Sex Type Thing
Sour Girl
Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart
Interstate Love Song
Big Empty
Dead and Bloated

img00174-20090702-2212Scott Weiland

img00167-20090702-2136 Scott Weiland

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