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Panic(space) on the Streets of Hollywood

Panicspace @ The Viper Room 3/8/10

Well I’ve known Mike (bass) and Jason (drums) pretty much since the beginning of time. But this is not going to be about how I taught Jason how to play or how I saved Mike from a burning car at Descanso. This is about the first time I got to see their new band and also my first time at the Viper Room. For the record, I am not the bouncer there…

My initial thought on Panicspace was that they had a Radiohead sound, more of the rockin stuff than the not so rockin. Well, I haven’t heard anything past OK Computer (but who has? [no offense]). Later I found out that Radiohead was indeed a big influence on the guys. The sound at the Viper Room complimented them well, as do the two guitarists, one not outplaying the other. The chemistry between Mike (bass) and Jason (drums) goes way beyond their days of The Undetermined and the rest of the band seem like a great fit with them. The singer has great presence but does not overshadow or take attention from the band.

The Viper Room is a great place for any local band to play. It’s not too big or not too small and again, the sound in there is rockin. It’s awesome when you can feel the bass and drums.

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