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NIN/JA May 20, 2009 at Verizon Amphitheater

There were a lot of upset people at the Irvine show on May 20, 2009. NIN opened for Jane’s Addiction! I, like many people in the audience, was not expecting that at all. The show was promoted as NIN with Jane’s Addiction. (NIN/JA 2009 Tour) I did not pay to see Jane’s headline. I guess my fault for showing up late, got there and NIN was already on stage. Trent had a stage made up of only bright white lights, very simple. Only songs I got to hear were, Echoplex, Day the World Went Away, The Hand that Feeds and Head Like a Hole. I tried to enjoy what was left of the show but was so disappointed that I had pretty much missed their last show.

After a short stage change, both bands keeping it simple; Jane’s had a movie that showed the importance of the band’s return to children who never got to see them live. Jane’s also had huge Betty Paige/pin-up look a likes as part of their set. They started their show with, Three Days. Watching Perry Farrell is always entertaining, he is so eccentric! Dave Navarro was great on lead guitar and didn’t look bad shirtless!

The only highlight for me was watching someone throw a shoe at Perry Farrell and him throwing it back and it getting tossed back to him.

NIN final tour and they open for Jane’s Addiction……wtf!


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