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TCV = Super Group

Them Crooked Vultures @ Jimmy Kimmel Live 4/12/2010

I have been to a lot of Jimmy Kimmel outdoor concerts and it has been a long time since I’ve seen the line go around the block.  Everyone waited in anticipation and excitement to see Them Crooked Vultures.  But really, how could you not be excited to see Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) on drums, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) providing bass guitar, and Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age).
I, like a lot of people were thrilled to have the chance to see a legend, John Paul Jones.  What can I say he was amazing!

Josh Homme provided lead vocals.  Although Homme may be the least famous he seems to be doing a great job as the frontman of TCV.

Dave Grohl is an incredible musician.  I never got a chance to see him play drums with Nirvana but as my friend Jose said, “He’s a beast!”  He beat the shit out of his drums. Dave Grohl also provided back-up vocals.

TVC performed Gunman, Mind Eraser, No Chaser, Dead End and New Fang.

Should you ever have a chance to see TCV I highly suggest you do.  I know I will see them again!!!


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